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Q: How long does RevitaLash® Advanced last?

A: A single tube of RevitaLash® Advanced 2ml will last approximately 3 months and 3.5ml will last approximately 6months with daily use.


Q: How do I use RevitaLash® Advanced? 

A: We recommend using RevitaLash® Advanced in small amount, applied to lashes once a day. The best time of day to use RevitaLash® Advanced is in the evening or night time, after you have removed your eye makeup. However, if you do use it in the morning, please follow the instructions on the package insert and allow at least 5 minutes before applying your daily facial products.

Q: How long we can see the result? 

A: In 3 weeks, you will notice the appearance of longer, thicker, and fuller eyelashes. In order to maintain the natural beauty of your eyelashes, we recommend that you continue to use RevitaLash® Advanced 2 or 3 times per week.


Q: Can I wear mascara after using RevitaLash® Advanced?

A: While under treatment of Revitalash Advanced, we recommand you to use Volumizing Mascara which is Water~ resistance. We advise you not to use Water~proof mascara as the chemical ingredients is very strong which can pull off your natural eyelashes when you cleans. However, if you use multiple cosmetic eye products, it is important to thoroughly clean your skin around eye area before you apply revitalash advanced.


Q: How do I use RevitaLash® Volumizing Primer and Mascara?

A: Apply your RevitaLash® Volumizing Primer to bare lashes, wiggling at the base of the eyelash and twirling upward and outward. For a natural look, apply one coat of RevitaLash® Volumizing Primer and immediately follow with your favorite RevitaLash® Volumizing Mascara shade while your RevitaLash® Volumizing Primer is still wet. For a more dramatic look apply two coats of RevitaLash® Volumizing Primer, allowing it to dry between coats, and then apply one to two coats of your favorite RevitaLash® Volumizing Mascara.


Q: How do I use RevitaLash® Hi-Def Tinted Brow Gel?

A: We recommend you to sculpt and enhance perfect brows using RevitaLash® Hi-Def Tinted Brow Gel in 2 easy steps:

  • Pull off overcap from styling brush. Using the comb side, shape, and align hairs with short, upward strokes following the natural arch of your eyebrows. Replace cap.

  • Twist and pull tinted brow gel applicator brush from base. Using short, upward strokes, apply tinted gel to eyebrows, moving from the inner to the outer contours to enhance, sculpt, and define their appearance. Gently wipe any excess tint from skin or fine hairs.


Q: How do I use RevitaLash® Spotlight Highlighting Pencil?

A: There are a few options of how you can use RevitaLash® Spotlight Highlighting Pencil: 

  • Apply to brow bone and lightly blend to give a youthful lift.

  • Apply to inner corner of the eye to decrease darkness and bring the eyes forward.

  • Apply between the lash line and eyebrow as base or shadow. 

  • Apply to cheekbone to give a red carpet glow. 

  • Apply to bottom center of the lip for a full, pouty lip.


Q: How do I use RevitaLash® Fineline Primer?

A: Firstly, wash hands and face with preferred cleanser. Let face and eye area dry completely before applying RevitaLash® FineLine Primer. Prior to make-up application, pat a small amount of RevitaLash® Fineline Primer onto the targeted areas such as crow’s feet, nasal labial fold and marionette lines. RevitaLash® Fineline Primer can be worn over facial moisturizer.


Q: How do I use RevitaLash® Hair Advanced?

A: RevitaLash® Hair Advanced fortifies and strengthens hair in 4 simple steps.

  • Pump the bottom of the bottle a few times to release air, until the foam appears from the pump.

  • Release a small amount of foam onto your fingertips.

  • Massage the product into the hair.

  • This product is a leave-in formula and do not rinse out. Leave in for 12 hours after each application.

For best results, use consistently on wet or damp hair as product will distribute more evenly.


Q: How do I use RevitaLash® Brow Advanced?

A: Apply RevitaBrow® ADVANCED using several strokes onto the areas of the eyebrow wherever you desire eyebrows to appear thicker, fuller and more beautiful. RevitaBrow® ADVANCED should be applied once a day to a clean and dry eyebrow area.


Q: Is RevitaLash® safe for use with contacts? 

A: When used as directed, RevitaLash® does not get into the eyes. Therefore, RevitaLash® is safe for use with contact lenses. 


Q: What if RevitaLash® gets in my eyes?

A: Because RevitaLash® is used around the eyes, we have taken care to formulate our product with ingredients that have excellent safety profiles. If a small quantity of RevitaLash® gets into your eye, it will usually be washed away by your tear film; however, if you are concerned or experience any irritation, we recommend that you lightly splash a little tap water in the eye in order to dilute and rinse away the RevitaLash®.


Q: Is RevitaLash® safe for pregnant and breast-feeding women?

A: RevitaLash® has been shown in tests to be safe to the skin and to eyes in adult study subjects. However, none of the study subjects were pregnant or breast feeding. Therefore, while we have no scientific reason to believe that RevitaLash® poses a safety risk to women who are pregnant or breast feeding, as a precaution, we advise that you not use RevitaLash® if you are pregnant or breast-feeding without first consulting your physician.

Q: Is Volumizing Primer and Mascara also can make my eyelashes fuller, thicker and longer?

A: Volumizing Primer and Mascara are your daily make~up for achieving beautiful eyelash without ruin your treatment. It doesnt make your eyelashes grows but it is the most suitable eye make up while you are using Revitalash treatment. 


Q: I am using eyelash extension, can i use Revitalash treatment?

A: Moreover if you are using eyelash extension, your natural eyelashes needs nutrients from Revitalash Advanced. Therefore when your eyelash extensions feel off, your natural eyelashes will not bald but still full, thick and longer. 


Q: How to order revitalash products?

A: You can order from our websites: or by wa +62-81513043838. 1.Please write your name, email address, contact number, order and quantity. 

2. For whole indonesia, we are using Jnt for shipping which will reach your address in 1-2days. 

For Jakarta residents, you may choose jnt (Rp.10.000,-) or use gojek if under 25km from our warehouse. We can check and inform you the cost and put this additional cost to your invoice.

3. We will inform our bank account, please transfer on the same day.  Once we have received your payment, we will ship your order the latest on the next day. 


Q: How do we know which Salons or Beauty Clinics selling Authentic products of Revitalash Advanced?

A: You are most welcome to contact our wa customer line: 62-81513043838 to ask regarding this matter. Revitalash Advanced is to be applied on your eye area which is very vital. It is very important to get Revitalash Authentic products. We dont responsible for any injuries or incidents if you are buying from unauthorized sellers.